3 Reasons Why Investing In Air Conditioning Is Beneficial To Your Workplace

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There’s nothing worse than having the H.R department on your back about health hazards in your office. Not only is it annoying, but, it usually gives us a bit of a wake-up call for business owners to learn more about how important air quality is for our offices and employees. With companies investing thousands of dollars trying out new innovative ways to motivate their employees sometimes one of the most obvious answers can be right under your nose. We here at Tempo AC specialize in AC maintenance service in Alhambra, CA and we would love to share some of this vital information with you:

Dangerous exposures

It’s important to note that one of the main causes of poor indoor air quality comes from everyday household items that we all use. These can include furniture/furnishing, cleaning products, technology hardware such as a computers and it’s equipment and construction materials. Americans are spending an astonishing 90% of their time indoors and the exposure to the chemicals that come from these items and float through the air space can give extremely hazardous long term results for your employee’s health. Learn about natural ways that you can use to prevent this problem. Such as natural options for cleaning products.

Up and down temperatures

If you’re working in an environment where it’s too hot to even think, chances are your productivity levels will decline. Learning how to create the right balance in temperature is what matters most. Have you also been in a situation where the AC is so cold you spend the majority of the time shivering? That’s not fun either. Consider investing in a matched AC/Heater system so that you can control temperatures to a level that fits best to your needs.

Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating

Eliminate sick days

There’s nothing more productive than having your employees not sick in the first place so they are able to come to work. Studies have shown that having a limited amount of ventilation or fresh outdoor air coming into the room can have a negative effect on our health. Taking that initial plunge and investing in a good ventilation system is scary, but, by doing so, you are helping your workers reduce their risks of infectious disease transmission, cut out absenteeism and even reduce sick building symptoms (a set of symptoms such as eye irritation, headaches, coughing and tight chest.)

By regularly maintaining your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) cleaning our your filters regularly and your coils, you are ensuring that the chances of your system will last longer. On top of that you are also helping to decrease your utility bills and provide a better environment for your employees. This is a situation of gain rather than lose.

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