If you’ve got central heating in your home, you should consider a quick health check just before the temperatures drop.  You sure want to have a cozy Winter with your family don’t you?

If you want an expert heater service technician to fix issues you’re having with your heater, the TempoAC team is just a phone call away. Run these simple checks to determine if there is a serious issue with your heating system.

  •         The first thing to check is if the thermostat is in the HEAT position. Though it might sound obvious, but we all miss it at times. If the heater is still blowing cold air, give it a little time as hot air takes time to travel through the ducts.
  •         Second check should be for dirt in the air filters. The dirtier the filter, the greater effort is needed for your system to blow clean, warm air. Filter change is recommended once a month.
  •         Check for holes in the exhaust flue that might leak carbon monoxide (CO). High amounts of CO could be fatal for  your family. For bigger leaks and older chimneys, consult our trained technicians.
  •         Turn up the temperature settings and see if the furnace is firing correctly. This will make sure your temperature settings and furnace are in synch and are working.
  •         Thermostats makes sure the heat turns on and off at predetermined temperatures. Issues like intermittent heating and no fan could spell problems with the thermostats.Failure of ignition switches can cause serious issues like no heating at all, which should be looked at by an HVAC technician.

Be it emergency furnace repair, heating equipment maintenance or new heating equipment installation, our trained team of technicians at TempoAC will attend to your every need. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Call Tempo AC today and rid yourself of those heating system worries.