Winter months in Temple City and neighboring areas can get really chilly. No matter what kind of heating system you use, not maintaining them could shorten their lifespan. If you’re looking forward to a Winter where you can just turn on your heater and forget about everything else, give TempoAC a call.

We’ll take care of  your heater worries, while you sit back and relax.

A list of items included in our heater maintenance packages, that our HVAC technicians will be carrying out:

• Check the pilot lights, and light them if they’ve gone out. It’s better to leave relighting to a trained technician though it might look like an easy task.
• Check the blower and clear out debris that might have accumulated around the unit. Change out the dirty air filters, and remind you to replace them every month.
• Air registers around the house should be kept clean. The technicians will vacuum them to make sure there are no blockages.
• They will also examine flue of your heating system to make sure they are free from gaps and dents. Ensuring proper exhaust and efficient operation of your heater.
• The blower motor is critical to circulate warm air around the house so that you feel comfortable at every corner of your house. Our technician will ensure it’s properly lubricated and runs without issues.
• They will  make sure the thermostat of your heating system is working correctly, and replace any faulty parts.
• Inspect the fan to make sure it’s functioning optimally.

TempoAC has been in the business of providing HVAC services in and around Temple City for the last decade. Our team of experts will be able to give you unbiased advice, and make sure your heating systems keep you comfortable for many Winters to come.

Give us a call now and we will have your warmed up in a jiffy.