Day & Night® AC Installation Service in Alhambra CA by Tempo Air

We have all come to depend on that marvelous invention — air conditioning — to keep us comfortable in warm Southern California weather. Sometimes, however, your air conditioning unit may need attention in the form of coolant replacement, general maintenance or mechanical repairs. When the age and repair costs on your unit become great enough to require its replacement, you need a dependable and reputable company to provide new AC installation service in Alhambra CA and the surrounding communities.

Our professionals at Tempo Air Conditioning provide you with a system analysis and then a free installation and equipment estimate. They also provide you with the information you need to select your new cooling system with our Buying Guide. Find out how our Day & Night® matched systems work and the warranties offered with their installation. These products save you money in several ways. The new unit installation, more environmentally sound and much more efficient than your old one, will reduce your ongoing energy costs. Many new units we install also qualify you for either tax credits or some form of energy efficiency rebate.

With 46 years of experience in Southern California, Tempo Air Conditioning technicians service all equipment brands and do both residential and commercial installations and repairs. We offer free estimates on installation and equipment. Once your new system is installed, we also offer our annual preventative maintenance contact to keep it running at its peak efficiency for the life of the unit. We know that purchasing and installing a new air conditioner is a major financial commitment and we offer convenient financing. Contact us for an appointment for your free estimate on AC installation service in Alhambra CA as well as LA, Orange and San Fernando counties plus the Inland Empire. Call us at 626-285-1218 or go online to today.