It is easy to forget the AC during Winter and other cold months of the year. This is because the furnace is the most important device during the coldest months of the year. When Spring arrives, it signals that Summer is just around the corner. This is when people usually start scrambling to service their air conditioners in preparation for Summer. AC maintenance service in San Gabriel CA is offered by a number of firms, one of them being Tempo AC.

AC Maintenance Service in San Gabriel CA

During AC maintenance, the HVAC company performs a number of tasks. The first is cleaning. Air ducts and AC coils are thoroughly cleaned to get rid of dust and other types of impurities. The condensate pan is also cleaned and the drain pipe emptied. The air filter must also be replaced to further improve indoor air quality. The control mechanism also needs to be checked. For instance, the thermostat and wires are usually checked and repaired where necessary. During the inspection, the level of refrigerant in the compressor is checked and recharged. Loose air ducts are also repaired to prevent air conditioned air from escaping.

Benefits of AC Maintenance in San Gabriel

There are many reasons why you should have your AC serviced on a regular basis. For instance, by cleaning the air ducts and replacing old filters, you can be assured of having improved indoor air quality. This means your family or employees at the workplace will live and work in a healthy and safe environment. Since lubrication of mechanical parts is normally done during maintenance, the process can help to increase the efficiency of the system. This will translate to reduced energy bills, reduced noise and improved performance of the air conditioner. By servicing the AC machine, problems can be identified well in advance and repaired before the machine breaks down. For all your AC maintenance needs, be sure to work with Tempo AC service.