Getting a Proper Air Conditioner Installation in Alhambra CA

Buying an air conditioner is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home. Because of the capital investment involved, it’s crucial to choose a reliable installation company. You want to hire a company that will provide professional air conditioner installation in Alhambra CA. There are numerous factors to consider before making the decision.


The last thing you want to do is choose the first company that gives you a quotation. Like finding any other service provider, you want to carry out a thorough vetting exercise. Even if the first company seems capable of doing a good job, take some time to compare at least three prospective firms. You will realize that air conditioning companies differ on many factors such as professionalism, pricing and customer service among others.


Don’t shy away from making inquiries about certifications and qualifications. It is in your best interests to establish whether any company you are considering has the necessary skills and credentials to offer professional AC installation services. Hiring an unlicensed contractor may be cheaper, but you could eventually pay more in the long run for substandard work.

Quality of Products and Services

Find out what the firm’s previous and existing customers have to say about the quality of services. Check out both the positive and negative reviews. It’s also important to pay attention to see whether the technicians will offer diagnostic testing. Well trained technicians will stress the importance of diagnostic testing before making any recommendations or installations.

When looking for air conditioner installation in Alhambra CA, there are plenty of other factors to consider such as cost, customer service and insurance cover. Take the time to do detailed research so you can hire a company you can trust. Tempo Air Conditioning is a family owned business that has been in the industry for over almost 50 years and strives to ensure all customers get high-quality service.