Tempo Air Conditioning: For Reliable Air Conditioner Installation in Pasadena CA

With California being hot and humid, you cannot do without air conditioning. Whether it is residential or commercial, any premise without air conditioning is utterly inhospitable. For this reason, you will need to install an air conditioning system that is guaranteed to give you long lasting services, and do so in an efficient manner. So if you are wondering who to trust with this great responsibility, wonder no more. Tempo Air Conditioning is the best company for air conditioner installation in Pasadena CA that is guaranteed to offer you more than just simple installation services.

Our Level of Experience

With more than 46 years of experience and with thousands of happy and satisfied customers, Tempo Air Conditioning will offer peace of mind, comfort, and an experience worth remembering. With a diversified range of services that include professional design, installation, and system analysis, a professional team of experienced experts, and a scheduled maintenance plan, you will never go wrong in partnering with us.

Our Services

We do not just install any air conditioning system; we install systems that are manufactured by the best manufacturers in the industry. This practice has ensured our survival in an extremely competitive HVAC systems industry for all these years. All our services which also include repair, servicing, and maintenance of air conditioning systems are packed with superior value that ensures we come out with happily satisfied customers.

Guaranteed Quality

Because we are sticklers for quality services and perfection, all our technical staff are taken through regular field and factory training that sharpen and horn their skills in readiness for quality service delivery. With this kind of training coupled with long term experience in the installation of AC systems, you can trust that we are familiar with what we do, and thus your AC will be perfectly installed.

Therefore, pay us a visit today and be among the long list of happy clients who have had their air conditioner installation in Pasadena CA done by us.