An air conditioner is crucial for good health and comfort. It maintains temperature at desired levels in addition to eliminating pollutants from it. Having an air conditioning system working correctly is indispensable. When malfunctions arise, Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating Service is there to provide air conditioner repair in Alhambra CA. Besides repair, we offer installation, replacement, maintenance and indoor air quality services.

Common AC equipment problems

There are common problems that may prompt repair services. Continued equipment use, poor maintenance and incorrect installation cause many AC problems. For instance, freezing of the coil, refrigerant leakage, faulty thermostat, electrical issues and fan malfunction are some but major air conditioning problems. When one or more of these problems come up, be sure to contact us. The good thing is that we have experienced, qualified and helpful technicians who provide expert troubleshooting and all round repair services. For that reason, you may count on us because we provide excellent air conditioning service for your home.

Air Conditioning Repair

Once you notice a problem with your air conditioning unit or poor indoor air cooling, contact us. Tempo Cooling and Heating Service is available everyday including emergency hours to restore your AC back to its optimum. We conduct on-site equipment assessment to determine the repair requirements and extent of damage. Once we establish that, we then provide spare parts and quality replacement components and devices for the repair work. In addition to that, our team of experienced and qualified repair technicians have the technical know-how on each specific AC brand.

Why you should choose us

We are registered and certified to offer air conditioning services to all our clients in Alhambra, California. Our technicians are well trained, certified and licensed with reputable organizations and government institutions. That said, call us today and schedule an appointment.