Call Tempo for Air Conditioner Troubleshooting in Alhambra CA

Southern California is known for its warm and sunny climate. Residents here depend on their air conditioners to keep them cool and comfortable indoors. When your air conditioner is working properly it does just that. But when it is operating inefficiently or stops working altogether, quick and reliable AC service is vital.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting in Alhambra CA

Signs that your unit needs troubleshooting may be subtle or obvious. Sometimes the unit simple stops cooling your home. A struggling unit, however, may continue to cool. You become aware of the problem when you utility bills start to climb. The unit may be running, but it is running inefficiently and that increases your energy costs.

The HVAC professionals of Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating will provide you with a thorough system diagnosis then make any necessary recommendations. It is appropriate to make necessary repairs when their costs will be less than a third of the price of a replacement unit. Repairs are also more appropriate when your air conditioning system is either still under warranty or is under ten years old. If you have an older unit, however, the continuing cost of repairs or the effect of its reduced efficiency on your power bills may indicate it’s time to get a new one. This is particularly true if the estimate of repair costs is nearly half of the cost of replacing it. Expired warranties and low air quality are other indications you need to upgrade your comfort system.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Changing your air conditioning filter regularly helps it run efficiently and prevents the intake of dirt and particles that may harm the components of your unit. A regular checkup annually also prevents small problems from becoming expensive repairs. Tempo offers annual preventative maintenance contracts to help you keep you unit performing well. Contact us today at to schedule a professional system analysis or air conditioner troubleshooting in Alhambra CA as well as in Orange, San Fernando, and LA counties plus the Inland Empire.