The average high temperature of Pasadena is approximately 79 degrees Fahrenheit. It is literally impossible to relax comfortably in such temperatures without chilling the air inside the room with the help of an air conditioner. Your AC, apart from bringing down the temperature of your room to comfortable levels, lowers the moisture level of your room too. Can you imagine the scenario if your AC conks out during the peak summer season? The best you can do is to check the power outlet with the help of a electrical test screwdriver. You need the help of a professional iI you find no problems with the power supply.

Detecting the problem

The AC contains of a sealed unit containing unserviceable parts such as the compressor and thermostat. You can replace the thermostat if you have sufficient technical knowledge. Repairing the compressor is impossible, even for the technical minded, since it is a hermetically sealed unit. However, you cannot determine the root of the problem without specialized diagnostic equipment. Your best bet is to get in touch with a company that specializes in air conditioner troubleshooting in Pasadena CA, particularly one that offers services round the clock; else you might have to swelter for two days if the gadget stops functioning during the weekend.

Problem solved

The company will send their technician to your place to detect the problem. They typically carry most spares with them and can usually find out and fix the problem quickly. However, they might have to take the gadget to their workshop in case of major problems, such as a damaged compressor. It is a good idea to hire the services of a company such as Tempo AC. They are the leaders in air conditioner troubleshooting in Pasadena CA. Their technician will replace the damaged parts with genuine spares, and provide a warranty on the parts they replace.