Once you make the choice to install a new air conditioning unit, the type of unit you select is as important as the company you choose for the installation job. Whether you’ve purchased a commercial central air conditioner or a small ductless unit for your home, it’s crucial to hire the right professionals for the job. There are plenty of service providers out there, and when it comes to choosing the right company to provide air conditioning installation in Pasadena CA, it pays to be thorough.

License and insurance

The first thing you need to check is that the company you plan to hire is licensed and insured. Ask about their credentials as well as the type of insurance cover they have. You also want to ensure the company has a team of well trained and competent professionals with experience in the installation of your particular type of unit. Tempo AC and Heating is a locally owned business that is geared towards customer satisfaction. The company has earned an excellent reputation for offering personal, neighborly support.

Ask Questions

Asking the right questions is always a good idea. It is through questions that you can learn as much as possible about a company before making the hiring decision. For example, you may ask the service provider about their warranty policy and working hours. Plenty of research coupled with asking the right questions places you in a better position to make an informed choice.


Different companies will have varying pricing criteria. Before the work begins, ask for a quotation of how much it will cost for the installation. Make sure all costs and any other items regarding the service agreement are in a written contract. With the tips mentioned, it’s easy to get the right air conditioning installation in Pasadena CA without even breaking a sweat.