Tempo Air Conditioning: Over 46 Years of Experience in Air Conditioning Replacement in San Gabriel CA

We all require good and well-functioning air conditioning systems to beat California’s heat. To make our houses hospitable and our business premises welcoming, a good air conditioning system is what we need. So let us say that your air conditioning system has been performing below your expectation, or maybe it has been rattling. This two are clear indication that you need that air conditioner replaced as soon as possible. But in a market where everyone claims to be a dealer in air conditioning systems, who will you trust to replace your failing air conditioner? The answer is simple; Tempo Air Conditioning is the experienced and professional company to contract for air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel CA.

 Why Choose Us

Being a company born and bred in California, we are well conversant with the system requirements and the components that are susceptible to damage due to California’s weather conditions. As a company licensed and bonded by the State of California, rest assured we offer the best services around. We also have a C-20 classification, meaning that we are allowed to replace, install, and repair warm air equipment.

Our Experience

With an experience that spans over 46 years, we can proudly say that we have the best technicians in the industry, some of whom have experience of more than 30 years. With such lengthy experience, we can confidently say that we have staff members who love what they do, and thus they do it with a lot of pride and put in considerable effort and dedication. These employees are readily available no matter the time of day or season of the year to take care of your replacement and other service needs.

Our Guarantee

The replacements we do guarantee you energy efficiency and high levels of system performance. With warranty policies that are designed to give you peace of mind, employing our services is the best way to relax and live a worry free life.

Therefore, make a point of contacting us and be part of the big happy family of clients that has enjoyed our air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel CA over the years.