It would be lovely if all our technical installations in the home worked flawlessly, but in the real world we have to accept that this is never going to be the case, so the next best thing is to have a reliable company on hand to determine any problem which may arise. A regular service we are required to undertake is air conditioning troubleshooting, which our experienced technicians are professionally trained to investigate and find a satisfactory solution.

There are any number of things that could be causing the fault, but as a rule of thumb there are 4 starting points from which to begin the air conditioning troubleshooting and more often than not the problem can be resolved along one of these routes:

The Air Conditioning Makes a Noise

This often can be attributed to improper alignment, or the wearing of the belt-drive air handler, especially in older units. In newer direct-drive motors it is very likely that it is the bearing that is causing a squealing sound. A popping noise can be caused by a loose flap of metal, whilst a rattle is probably a sign that the screws on the cover panels have worked loose. All these faults are relatively easily rectified.

The Air Conditioning Not Cooling Correctly

This could simply be a dirty filter restricting the air flow. Alternatively, algae can block the drain pipe, the fan could be failing to spin its usual rotation, or the capacitor may need replacing.

Air Conditioning Leaks Water

This can often be traced to a small plastic pipe or tube from which water exits the system, which is connected to a condensate pump. If either are blocked or split this will cause leakage.

Air Conditioning Not Blowing Air

This is an indication that the belt connecting the motor and the blower has broken or requires some maintenance. It might be possible to correct the problem by the application of some lubricant.

Obviously if the fault cannot be located along any one of these path’s then it may be something more serious and take a little longer, but our engineers will eventually identify the trouble.