The window air conditioning units are cheaper and easier to install than the central air conditioning units especially if renting an apartment. There are a few challenges that installers come across when trying to install the unit. Here are a few of them when undertaking Air Conditioner Installation in Pasadena CA.

Getting the right size

Most of the people rarely get the benefits of the air conditioner for installing the wrong size of the unit. The ideal size is twenty thermal units per square foot. If your unit will be working in a room that has raised ceilings or in a place with direct sunlight, make sure it has a bigger capacity.

Distribution of the weight

Some people that do window air conditioner installation on Pasadena CA simply open your window install the unit and slide back the door. This puts the weight on the window sash and can damage the window structure. A vinyl replacement window is more likely to warp under the heavy weight of the window.


If the unit is installed in a poorly insulated room, it works harder to keep the room within the required temperature levels. Most people find it challenging as the air conditioner requires you to keep the window open which leaves an opening between the inside and the outside of the house. To cover this opening, cover the spaces between the bottom and top window panes with insulating foam.

Leveling up the unit

There is a general belief that the window air conditioner requires to be slightly bended to enable draining of the water that it collects from the dehumidification process. However, doing so makes the water to collect at one end of the air conditioner and makes it hard for it to drain conveniently. Always ensure that the unit is installed in a level position for easier draining and better working.

Always hire professional installers for correct window air conditioner installation in Pasadena CA. A professionally installed unit is less likely to give you problems when operating it and work for longer. It also helps ensure that the system achieves the cooling you desire.