How To Stay Cool While Waiting For AC Repairs

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Summer can be a difficult time. Even though you love getting out and doing things, it can get extremely hot and take it out of you. It’s even worse when you cant cool down because your air-conditioning unit is broken! That’s why the folks at the air conditioning repair service in Temple City CA are here.

In the meantime, while you wait for your repairs, here are some tips on keeping the house cool without air-conditioning. It won’t work as well, but at least you will survive the heat!

Keep the House Closed

It can be tempting to seek a nice breeze through leaving your windows open. Sadly, all this accomplishes is bringing more heat into your home!. Keep the doors and windows closed so that you keep the house cool. This only works for a few days though, as the heat will build up, so put in a call to the air conditioning repair service in Temple City CA. They are there to help.

Put towels or sheets on the windows

Strange, I know, but believe it or not, it’s an old trick used years ago. Soak the sheets or towels in water, and put them on the windows. It will keep things cool and slowly evaporate over time.

Jump in the Bath or Shower

Yes: you can enjoy a bath or shower and in doing so, keep cool. You will probably need several a day though, so it isn’t the best solution out there. Contact the friendly folks at the air conditioning repair service in Temple City CA. Their support is second to none, and they want to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Use Fans to Move the Air While you wait for your air conditioning repairs, use a couple of fans to move the air around and keep the place at least partly cool. Having the house airless is almost as bad as having it hot. Fans can really help with this.

Are you feeling stifled in a hot house? Perhaps you have tried all the measures listed above but can’t stand it anymore. Help is at hand. Call the air conditioning repair service in Temple City CA on (626) 285-1218 or go to the Contact page.

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