Whenever you are searching for Air Conditioning Installation or repair and service companies for any heating and cooling system, you are bound to come across the acronym HVAC, which means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We are your go-to HVAC business for all repairs, installation and maintenance of air conditioners and heaters. Additionally we can also improve your indoor air quality through various other methods. There’s more to your air conditioner and heater than just the provision of stable temperatures to your family. Through our assistance we can make sure all your systems remain clean or even add to them to raise their air-cleaning potential by a great margin.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has done some research that has proven that the air inside a house is in fact up to five times more polluted that the air found outside. If you put into consideration the accumulated dirt, chemicals, cooking residue and dander it doesn’t seem that surprising. Keeping the air you breathe clean should be your main priority. One of the simplest yet effective methods involves the filtration and ventilation on the heating and cooling systems.

You can reduce all the tiny particles that you breathe in using the right filter. All types of contaminants can be trapped instead of circulating in the air although this depends on the quality of your filter. Additionally, newer houses tend to well-sealed and they present a problem in terms of air flow. Most people would argue that the tight seal guarantees better energy conservation and you can save some cash on utilities, but this also means that air has no room to escape. This causes stale air to be trapped and you are forced to breathe it repeatedly. With high quality ventilation your house can continuously bring in cleaner air to replace the stale air, without hurting the energy conservation achievements gained.

As a reputable Air Conditioning Installation company, we can conduct a couple of tests to find out what the air in your house is like and also which places are worse. One of the common methods used includes installing a unit in your house just to test the air for some days. Once the results have been determined, we review them and give you guidelines on how you can make improvements.

The air inside can have its purity improved through the attachment of an air-purification system to the air handler or furnace. This system removes and destroys all particles before the air is recirculated in your house. We also use various other methods to effectively ensure your home has pure breathing air. With cleaner breathing air you family should certainly benefit from not only having more breathable air but also significant health benefits.