quality heating services in Temple City, CA

We all know how much money unexpected repair calls can cost. What if you could avoid these surprise breakdowns and help save money for your family? If you haven’t considered a home maintenance plan, it’s time you did!

Tempo AC has been providing quality heating services in Temple City, CA since 1968. For over 48 years, our local business has helped families like yours rest easy. Below are some of the biggest advantages to getting a maintenance plan for your home.


With a regularly scheduled visit from one of our certified technicians, you don’t have to remember to call ahead. Our friendly office staff will reach out to you and set your appointments ahead of time, including a reminder call to make regular maintenance as easy as possible.

 Be Assured and Avoid Breakdowns

We all know maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your furnace or heating system. Be assured of your investment and keep the life of your furnace to 15-18 years instead of having an unexpected replacement.

Breakdowns are also much less likely since your machine will be operating at its best with dust removed from the internal system, full electrical inspections, and proper oiling around all mechanical parts.

quality heating services in Temple City, CA

Get Quality Service

We know it can feel uncomfortable letting someone you don’t know into your home. That’s why we pair you with the same technician each time. You’ll get to know us and also feel confident you’re getting good service. Our forty-eight years of business stands for itself as a marker of our ability to deliver quality heating services in Temple City, CA and our technician’s personal touch will add to the comfort and safety you feel having us work in your home.

 Save on Monthly Bills

Having your system free of clogs, dust, and dirt means your home heating bills will be less and more heat will circulate your home. Estimates from energystar.gov show about 30% of the Average American family’s household energy bill goes to heating. Why pay any more than you have to?

Maintenance will help make sure all parts of your heating system are running at peak performance. We will also let you know if any dangerous signs like an off-color pilot spark mean your family should start saving and considering a new system, giving you time to shop and compare rather than make a quick, potentially more expensive decision.

 Get a Discount

By being a loyal customer, we are able to plan and schedule our technician’s time and cut down on overhead and advertising costs, and we pass on those savings to you. Ask about our discounts for the maintenance plan when you schedule your first visit.

We hope these reasons have helped you consider your next move. So many people don’t have a plan and wait for an emergency to make the most costly financial decisions. Whether you want to schedule individual appointments or get onto a maintenance plan, Tempo AC heating services in Temple City, CA is ready to help. Call us today at (626)285-1218 to schedule your next heating service appointment.