air conditioning repair service in Temple City, CA

As we approach warmer days ahead this spring, make sure your air conditioner is up for the extra demand. Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating is on the ready when you need air conditioning repair service in Temple City, CA. Take a minute to check your AC’s performance and see if you might need a repair.

Maintenance Note: Before a repair, there’s two main things you should do as a homeowner to take care of your air conditioner. The first is change your air filters regularly. Once every one to three months is recommended. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on your AC and also consider allergies, extra dust, and frequent use as reasons to change your filter monthly instead of waiting. The second thing you need to do is get an annual maintenance appointment. For about an hour’s time, a certified HVAC technician will make sure your AC is running properly. Cleaning out escaped and trapped dirt and lubricating moving parts will help extend your AC’s lifespan.

Now that you are aware of maintenance needs for your AC, here are some things to check that indicate you should call for a repair.

  1. Strange sounds. Jamming, clunking, and screeching noises are clear signs something’s not working right inside your AC. Whether something’s out of place or your compressor is dying, it’s best to get it looked at quickly so things don’t get worse.
  2. Uneven temperatures room to room. This is often an issue with the thermostat rather than the air conditioner itself. It’s best to call and see what needs to be done rather than spend all your time in the more comfortable rooms hoping it will change.
  3. Little to no airflow from vents. When you hold your hand up to the vent and feel very little to no movement of the air, you might have a broken fan causing circulation to halt.
  4. Drips and condensation around your AC. A broken or leaking condensate line is likely the cause of pools of water on or around your air conditioner. If it’s a coolant leak, it needs to be repaired right away as this presents a safety hazard.

air conditioning repair service in Temple City


  1. The AC doesn’t seem to be cooling the home like it used to. If your AC isn’t working as powerfully as it did in the past, first consider how long it’s been since your last maintenance appointment or filter change. If you’ve been keeping on track with both of these and are having a problem cooling your home, your AC might have a coolant leak.
  2. Smelly issues. When you smell must coming from your AC, it’s usually from mold growing inside the unit from condensation. A sharp, pungent smell could be from a wire insulation burnout circulating through your vents.
  3. Rising bills. When your utility bills are increasing each month without a change in your use, something is making your AC have to work harder and harder to cool the home. Don’t avoid getting this checked out. Catching the issue earlier will get your AC back to its efficient levels and help avoid a larger, more expensive repair, along with the months of extra utility bill costs.

When you perform maintenance and call in for signs your AC isn’t working its best, you help extend its lifespan. Make sure you’re ready this spring for the warmer days ahead by giving us a call for tuneups or air conditioning repair service in Temple City, CA. Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to help, call us at 626-285-1218.