HVAC installation service Temple City, CAWhether you are having your old heating and cooling system replaced or are having a professional HVAC installation service Temple City, CA provider install one in your home for the first time, it is advisable to opt for a system that allows you to go green. Basically, radiator and boiler heating systems are known to be green HVAC system replacement options by many homeowners in Fishers and it surroundings. This may be attributed to the fact that these options are some of the cleanest HVAC systems in the market today. In addition to choosing a system that is efficient on energy, you also need to consider the ability of the heating and cooling system to deliver clean and quality indoor air.

At Tempo AC. We understand that you may be having a hard time digesting the whole ‘green remodeling idea’, just like many of our clients. As a result, we are committed to helping you make the right heating and cooling system for your home. If you are having a new HVAC system installed in your home, the following tips will help you go green:

Opt for a Sealed Combustion Boiler

Rather than using indoor air, the sealed combustion units will draw combustion air from outside the house. By so doing, these units reduces the chances of back drafting, which often leads to the leakage of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide to your home. Additionally, these units are also highly efficient on energy and will help you save some money on your monthly energy bills.

Decide On the Right Boiler Size and Have the Thermostat Programmed Appropriately

In addition to ensuring that you buy a heating and cooling system that is energy efficient, any professional HVAC installation service Fishers, IN provider will tell you that the size is equally important. Regardless of the AFUE rating of the boiler being installed in your home, the size will have a significant impact on its energy consumption. Additionally, you should have the thermostat programmed to a temperature setting that is comfortable for you and your family, and is efficient on energy. Having been in this business for a long period, we have installed, repaired and maintained almost all the HVAC makes and models. In this regard, we have the expertise required to choose the right boiler size and thermostat settings for your home.

HVAC installation service Fishers, IN

Consider Zoned Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems

The zoned hydronic radiant systems, also referred to as the radiant heating systems, are a top choice for green remodelers today. Unlike the forced air systems, radiant heating systems will never introduce allergens and dust particles into the indoor air you and your family are breathing. This being the case, such units guarantee quality indoor air and will allow you to heat particular areas of the home. As such, they can help you save considerable amount of money on energy bills.

Choosing the right HVAC system and hiring the best HVAC installation service Temple City, CA providers can be a daunting task. Give us a call today on (626) 285-1218 and we will make it easier for you.