You have to use preventative maintenance if you want to keep your cooling system optimized for hot months. This type of maintenance helps reduce repair costs. Potential problems are isolated during the maintenance. It helps avoid future problems that can be expensive to repair. You will save money and there will be no downtime during the hot weather. You can use an annual plan whereas our certified technicians will visit your home or office twice a year. They will provide comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services. A wide range of inspections, tests and calibrations are performed in this type of AC maintenance service in Alhambra CA.

First of all, the technician will clean all the dirt, grime and debris that have collected over parts and components of the AC system. The cleaning will be done after opening the outer casing of the air conditioner. Internal components that get dirty during the operations will be cleaned thoroughly. Once the cleaning of all air conditioner parts are over, the technician will analyze various things. The operating pressure will be adjusted. The temperature, voltage and amperage will be analyzed to make sure there is no fluctuation and inconsistency in the current supply. Electrical contractors and connections are inspected for any sign of rust, burn or fault.

An air conditioner has many moving parts due to the presence of motors. The lubrication of bearings used in the motors dries up. The technician will lubricate the bearings if required. Other parts like the frost controls, blower and fan will be inspected. Some components and systems require adjustment to maximize cooling. Electronic components like relays and capacitors are tested and metered. The compressor is checked to ensure it is working properly. Coil fins are combed and straightened. Disposable filters are changed. The thermostat may be in need of resetting. All these tests, adjustments and improvements are performed during the maintenance service. Call Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating on (626) 285-1218 to receive perfect AC maintenance service in Alhambra CA. You will receive professional services from a licensed, trained, certified and insured air conditioner technician.