Are you aware that you can save huge sums of money, spent in repairing your old AC by signing up an air conditioning maintenance contract? Air conditioners, like all other electro mechanical gadgets have a mean time between failures (MTBF). Even though this is not a hard and fast rule, chances are that the gadget that provides your room with cold air during the summer season as well as removes humidity from it will cease functioning properly or break down totally after a certain period.

Frequency and parts

The frequency of breakdown increases as the gadget gets older. During the initial stages, problems occur in components such as the thermostat or the remote control. Consider yourself lucky if these problems take place while your AC is covered by warranty. In such a scenario, the store you purchased the air conditioner from will send their technicians and replace the damaged part. However, they will rarely clean the filter of your AC or clean the clogged water drain outlet. However, you will have to spend a massive sum if you call the technicians of the company that manufactured your AC once the warranty period is over. You can get the gadget repaired by a company that specializes in such tasks.

Increase in MTBF

The frequency of the MTBF increases as your AC gets old. This means that you will have to get it serviced more frequently. Can you imagine the money you will have to part with if your AC breaks down several times a year? You can cut down on these costs by signing an annual air conditioning maintenance contract. The company with whom you sign the contract will service your AC for a full year and repair it if it breaks down for a one time charge. Before signing the contract, read the fine print and ensure that the agreement covers all parts, including the compressor.