air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel CA

Tempo AC helps families with air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel, CA.

Are you having trouble deciding between repairing and replacing your air conditioning system? When you’re stuck in making a big decision like whether or not to replace your AC system, it’s helpful to start gathering facts. As a homeowner, we understand the big investment it take to buy and install an AC system, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of signs that will help you decide if it’s time for replacement.

  • Your Air Conditioner is over 10 years old. A good air conditioner can last around 15 years if it’s well-maintained but if you’re at the 10 year mark and encountering expensive repairs, it may be better to replace it. With new advances in technology, it’s also easier to find a more efficient model adding up to year round energy savings that quickly pay off that initial investment.
  • Your AC needs big repairs. Even if your AC is less than 10 years old, do the math before you sign the dotted line to get repair work done. Check out the costs of a new unit compared to doing the repair so you make an educated decision.
  • Your AC uses Freon Coolant. As well as a sign of it’s age, R-22 Freon is expensive to refill. The federal government is phasing it out of use in favor of R401A. This new refrigerant doesn’t deplete the ozone and offers more efficiency. Since freon rates are expected to rise exponentially over time, get out of this expensive cycle before you wind up paying for it.

Your AC just doesn’t perform. If your AC has a low SEER rating, it’s inefficiency is costing you money. Newer models have a SEER rating over 13, check yours to see if you could replace it with a cost saving newer unit.

air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel, CA

  • Your AC is unreliable. Having frequent breakdowns means your AC is going to cost you over and over for repairs. In addition, it’s inconvenient to have to schedule a repair technician appointment and not have a reliable system when you want to cool your home.
  • Your AC isn’t keeping you comfortable. If your AC has a hard time keeping your home cool it might be a sign of its’ age or improper sizing to blame. Listen to hear if it shuts on and off frequently or runs all the time. If your AC isn’t keeping your home cool, it’s not worth it, and time to find something that will.
  • Room by room, your AC seems to have a mind of it’s own. While the kitchen is roasting, your bedroom feels like a winter wonderland. These are signs your AC unit has pressure imbalances that could be related to age or its positioning in the home. Having a technician take a look will help you decide if this is a cause for replacement or something fixable.

If your old AC signs it’s time to replace it, we can help you gather more information. Call us to talk about the next steps including new model prices and air conditioning replacement in San Gabriel, CA. Reach out today by calling (626) 285-1218.