For most homeowners, air conditioning is a luxury that is taken for granted. As long as the house stays relatively cool, there is little to worry about with your system. There are usually some signs that should trigger homeowner response long before the unit completely breaks down. Here are some common things to look for in order to determine if it may be time for air conditioning replacement.

Fan On Outside Unit Is Not Working

The unit itself may still be functioning, but the fan has stopped. This fan pushes the heat inside your home to outdoors. If it is not able to do that, the compressor in the unit may be overworked and begin overheating.

Little or No Freon

Coolant keeps the air in your air conditioning system cool. Often, low coolant means you likely have a leak somewhere in your system. This is not a quick fix that you should try yourself like most people change oil in their own cars. You need a professional properly fix the leak according to regulatory standards and to determine whether there truly is a leak or the system simply needs recharging with coolant.

Coil in the System Appears Frozen

If frozen coils are not due to low coolant in your system, it is likely you have not been changing air filters in your home properly. Dust and dirt blocking the return air ducts can build up and prevent proper airflow. If changing the filters does not correct the problem, you will need a professional to help you troubleshoot.

Air conditioning replacement is less of a headache when you keep up regular preventive servicing. Even with this consistent maintenance, units wear over time and may experience issues like bad wiring. The best way to stay ahead of any problems is to give your air conditioning system the same level of care that you give to the rest of your house.