Most dealers offer free installation of air conditioners as a part of the deal. However, you have to pay cash in case you shift to a different apartment and want the AC uninstalled from your old apartment and installed in the new one. More often than not, they charge a hefty amount for this task. While the moving company will safely transport the machine to your new abode, they lack the expertise to install it. The problem escalates if you have a split AC since it contains of two parts… the indoor and the outdoor unit, connected to each other via a pipe.

Call the experts

The outdoor unit it generally installed at a height above the indoor unit and in a location where there is sufficient airflow. Since this task requires special skills and experience, you should a professional like Tempo AC whose staff has in depth knowledge about AC Installation Service in San Gabriel CA. Your best option is to get in touch with them and show them the apartment where you plan to set up your AC a couple of days before you shift. This will allow them to inspect the area and determine the ideal spot for installing the external unit.

Additional services

You need not spend additional money for hiring a mason, since the prices quoted by the company includes the costs of boring a hole in the wall, fixing the brackets on which the internal unit will rest, and connecting both the sections with a pipe. The technicians of Tempo AC, one of the leaders in AC installation service in San Gabriel CA, will also switch on the unit and confirm if it is chilling the room of your new abode properly, before departing. Leave the headache to them and utilize your time to unpack your other goods and put them in their respective places.