air conditioner maintenance in Temple City

Air conditioners are almost ubiquitous in warmer climates, and cooling-only systems generally do not need a great deal of maintenance. The fact of the matter is though that some maintenance is needed, and the efficiency of your system will gradually decline if left without it over time. At Tempo AC we offer advice and services with respect to all aspects of air conditioning. We are a leading company and an excellent choice for air conditioner maintenance in Temple City, CA.

Why is maintenance needed?

We can expect about a 5% decline in efficiency per year if an air conditioning system is not maintained. This slight decline may go unnoticed by the user, but if a system is left unmaintained over time, many things will start to happen. We can expect a buildup of debris, an accumulation of mould inside components and air passages, loose and misaligned parts and fixtures, and general wear and tear. In a system made up of many parts, the decline of one component can put stress on the rest of the system. This can eventually lead to the breakdown of multiple components, and this can result in a need for expensive repairs, and downtime while your system is being fixed. In some cases you may also have to wait for replacement parts to arrive. So for these reasons, periodical checks by a professional are recommended.

air conditioner maintenance in Temple City, CA

What does a professional maintenance check include?

A professional maintenance contractor will usually do the following during a checkup:

  • Indoor and outdoor coils. Here the technician will look for buildups of debris, mold and for any cracks or other damage to the coils.
  • Check capacitors, compressors and any other important components.
  • Temperature checks. He or she will make temperature measurements at different points, in order to monitor any irregularities.
  • Electrical systems check
  • Check for blockages of airflow which can reduce performance
  • Check the state of valves and pipes
  • Test thermostats and control functions
  • Lubricate and and clean where needed
  • Replace filters
  • Check the quantity and quality of refrigerant
  • Test general functionality
  • Tighten moving parts and fixtures
  • Replace any defective parts

What to look for in an air conditioning contractor?

When hiring a company, always inquire about prices beforehand. Make sure that the company’s technicians are licensed HVAC contractors, as this will ensure that its technicians have the required training. Also check that the company holds liability insurance. This will protect you in the unlikely event of property damage as a result of their work.

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